Course Curriculum

Creating a world where we all belong

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    • Welcome Back!


    • Which Are Fiery Feelings?

    • Choose the Fiery Feeling Activity

    • Fire Breathing Dragon

    • Stop and Breathe Practice

    • Starfish, Quiet and Dragon Breaths

    • Which Breath Works Best?

    • Stop and Breathe Review

    • Let's Stop and Breathe


    • Eva's Fiery Feelings Activity

    • Help Eva Empty Her Balloon Activity

    • Eva Stops and Breathes

    • The Buddy Breath

    • Create Your Own Breath

    • Fiery Feelings Review

    • Let's Put it All Together!

    • Bonus: Your Favorite Breath

Online Courses for Elementary Schools

Soul Shoppe brings connection to school communities.

Our programs are designed to overcome the impact of isolation and boost academic performance, improve self regulation, increase emotional intelligence, enhance school culture and prevent bullying. For the adult staff members and parents at a school, Soul Shoppe offers training on how to maintain safe boundaries, model emotional resilience, and effectively train students into new behaviors.